Travel · 11. September 2018
Since we spend a great deal of time away from home every year, we compiled a list of things we figured out along the way. Some may seem quite obvious, but we still hope for them to come in handy for you. Please feel free to leave a comment, we can't wait to read about what you learned while traveling.
Travel · 25. Juli 2018
Budapest ist ganz klar einer unserer Lieblings-Orte und nachdem wir gerade von unserer 2. Reise in die Donaumetropole zurück gekommen sind, haben wir für euch 5 Dinge zusammen getragen, die ihr für einen unvergesslichen Aufenthalt in Budapest beachten solltet.
22. Juni 2018
Zu sagen, dass Montenegro uns überrascht hat, wäre vollkommene Untertreibung.. - Lies selbst, warum.. ♥
Travel · 18. Mai 2018
Von Bergamo nach Venedig, durch Italien mit dem Rucksack.
Travel · 06. April 2018
Unsere Lieblings - Orte in Edinburgh, unser erstes AirBnb & ein spontaner Trip zum Strand!
17. Februar 2018
When we first started travelling we had the idea of never visiting the same place more than once. But now, having learned that no two experiences are the same,- we L O V E coming back to places we’ve already been to. There’s always so much more to discover, new paths to go down and new views to take in. That’s why we were beyond content having found and spontaneously booked those cheap tickets to Krakow (again)!
Travel · 15. Januar 2018
❝ Gonna travel, gonna travel wild and free. I’m gonna pack my bags because this great big world is calling me. ❞ - Elvis Presley – Harem Holiday
Travel · 19. Dezember 2017
Plan with us! Since it's this time around to start preparing our travels in 2018, we show you how we do it!
Travel · 12. Dezember 2017
Every year, delicious seasonal treats and the scent of pine needles mark the return of the Christmas market to Saint Wolfgang.
Travel · 24. November 2017
Leavin' the rain at home! We went to Malta for 3 days of sun, beach fun & summer vibes! ☼

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