11. Juli 2019
We've come across so many amazing travel quotes so far and since we feel like soime of them really hit home, we'd like to share them with you! So here they are, our favourites, in no particular order. ♥
Travel · 18. Juni 2019
There are multiple reasons to plan your trips by train. Relaxing in your seat, watching the world go by is a really laid back way to travel and it’s good on the environment too!
Travel · 22. Mai 2019
“Really, again?”, “Haven’t you just recently returned from Viilnius?”, "You might as well consider moving there!" This is just a small selection of reactions we get when asked about our latest and favorite destination.
Travel · 07. Mai 2019
Nowadays social media often happens to only showcase the shiny parts of traveling and while we’re both feeling exceptionally grateful for the ability to spend plenty of time exploring the world, at times we find ourselves disappointed when we finally touch down at our destination.
Travel · 11. September 2018
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Travel · 25. Juli 2018
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22. Juni 2018
Zu sagen, dass Montenegro uns überrascht hat, wäre vollkommene Untertreibung.. - Lies selbst, warum.. ♥
Travel · 18. Mai 2018
Von Bergamo nach Venedig, durch Italien mit dem Rucksack.
Travel · 06. April 2018
Unsere Lieblings - Orte in Edinburgh, unser erstes AirBnb & ein spontaner Trip zum Strand!
17. Februar 2018
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