Why Lithuania needs to go onto your bucketlist asap!

It’s no secret we’ve fallen in love with the Baltic’s southernmost country

and today we’d like to point out why you will, too! ♥ 

Let’s talk safety, first! 

Featuring a very low crime rate, Lithuania generally is very safe to visit. Stick to basic safety measures (e.g. concealing valuable personal items and not leaving luggage unattended) and you’ll be fine! Theft from vehicles has increased in recent years though, so when you exit your vehicle, make sure to turn off ignition, take the keys with you and lock your car.

We’ve always felt extremely safe while traveling throughout Lithuania during any time of day, but your host / concierge will be happy to let you know about any areas / places you might want to avoid. For Vilnius in particular, the authorities publish a list with all the names of bars / clubs displaying the highest crime rates by comparison twice a year.

We always adhere to the “do as you do at home” – principle, meaning we avoid possibly sleazy neighborhoods and stick to main roads and well lit areas. 

Traveling throughout Lithuania is very cost effective

With a beer rarely setting you back more than 2€, loads of very affordable accommodation options and public transport tickets being extremely budget friendly, Lithuania is the perfect place to consider for an inexpensive yet memorable trip!

Tasty local food 

Lithuania isn’t exactly what you’d call a vegetarian’s / vegan’s paradise, as the food palette to a large extend consist of different kinds of meat. - But don’t worry – you won’t go hungry! Plenty of restaurants got you covered offering a variety of tasty soups and meatless versions of popular local foods.

Local must – try’s are..

Cepelinai - Potatoe dumplings filled with ground meat, sour cream or mushrooms;

Kepta duona – often listed on the “Snacks to go with beer” – section on the menu, describes crispy fried rye bread generously seasoned with garlic and served with the most delicious cheese dip.

(Caution: highly addictive!)

Bulviniai blynai (potato pancakes) - simple yet overwhelmingly delicious! Served as a main dish & or to accompany meat, they’re made of grated potatoes, eggs and onions and fried until golden & crispy!

Šaltibarščiai – a light, vibrant pink beetroot soup, served with dill & a side of either cooked our baked potatoes, is a healthier alternative!

And for dessert..

Sakotis (traditional spit cake) is usually served for special occasions (Christmas Eve & Easter) Served plain or with chocolate sauce / décor, this hollow – centered cake is a popular treat all around Lithuania.

For an amazing vegan dessert / cake selection in lovely environment don’t miss “ Vegafe” in Vilnius (Totorių g. 3)

While sipping your way around Lithuania’s wide range of premium beer or local vodka is a great way to gain a taste of the country, do so with caution as both happen to be fairly strong!

And while you might already feel like gaining weight just by virtually glancing though the menu, don’t worry. - You’ll easily burn those calories off exploring the Old Town of Vilnius, which is perfectly walkable! (Head up Gediminas’ Tower for a great view!)

It’s easy to get around

Various local and long distance busses / trains conveniently take you round the country as well as around the Baltics in general. It’ll take no longer than 4 hours to get from Vilnius to Riga by bus and by train you’ll make it to Palanga at the Baltic Sea within about 4,5h. Trains will even have designated areas to place your bags so you won’t struggle lifting bags above your head.

We found staff in both busses and trains to be very attentive and always happy to help. English is commonly spoken, especially on international routes, so you won’t have to worry about that. A few words in Lithuanian go a long way, though. Tickets for most routes can be purchased online, PayPal and credit card being the most popular methods of payment.

City trip vs. adventures in nature – you can have both!

Featuring five national parks amounting to a combined size of 155 hectar, Lithuania offers an abundance of outdoor activities and open – air museums. 

Start your day with a climb up Birštonas Observation Tower in the Nemuno kilpų regioninis park and you’ll be back for lunch in Kaunas, the country’s second largest city and home to the Ninth Fort, a fortification dating back to the first World War. 

Staying in the port city of Klaipeda, you’re only a 30 – minute drive a way from the vast beaches of Palanga.

From Šiauliai, the famous Hill of Crosses as well as the lakes Talkša, Prūdelis, Rėkyva are waiting for you to explore!


We've actually written up an entire article about why Šiauliai needs to be on your Lithuania itinerary, give it a read if you're interested! 

Vilnius obviously makes for a great base for your trip, too! - Trakai Island Castle and Verkiai Regional Park both are in immediate vicinity!

Lithuania’s complex history shaped the people and culture visitors experience today.

Presenting Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture as well as pristine landscapes,

it’s a worthwhile destination to explore in the Baltic region! 

Lithuanians, like other Northern Europeans might appear to be relatively cold on the outside, preferring to get to the point when having a conversation.

Once you get to know them though, they’re the warmest and kind people you’ll ever meet on your travels!

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