Our happy place

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There are two questions we get asked quite frequently.


The first one being about our favorite amongst all the places we’ve ticked off our bucket – list so far.

Sounds like an easy one, right? Evidently, it is.


The second one for the most part sounds something like “Why is THIS place your fav? & 

What makes THIS place so special to you?”


Do frequent travelers have that ONE happy place?

A place feeling as close as possible to home?

A spot to unwind, to feel free and welcome from the second you drop your bag?


Beside our home there’s that ONE place that never fails to do our hearts good.



So, where is can YOU find our happy place?

We’re talking about a picturesque municipality, home to about 6.700 people and framed of the Dachstein mountains in the northwestern part of Styria, Austria. – Schladming.

We’re in luck for it to be only a 3 hour – drive, one border – crossing and another toll – payment away.


Why ?

There is something about this small venue that won our heart from our first arrival. It’s the warmth and hospitality of its people that are incomparable, it’s the natural beauty you come across whatever path you take and it’s this very laid – back vibe that makes you feel blessed, humbled and safe all at once.

Every time we come to Schladming, we find accommodation at the guesthouse “Pension Thorerhof” in Haus im Ennstal, about 7 kilometers away

The Wieser Family, who runs this guesthouse is so very kind and always goes above and beyond to make our stay particularly awesome.

Not only does this small, homely hotel provide notably cosy rooms with the most comfortable beds you’ll ever rest your head and an incredible view to the mountains but also super tasty breakfast.

We can’t actually think of a better way to start a day than with hot coffee, homemade breakfast and the sun peering through as the clouds slowly disappear between the mountains.



After bracing yourself, your opportunities are boundless, as Schladming offers everything and more a traveler could ever ask for. Lots of sport – activities in stunning, pristine nature, starting from – of course – wintersport , to hiking, rafting, paragliding, .. the list is endless.

For us, long walks through the region are pure bliss. If you’re not that big into sports – no big deal!

The Dachstein – Seilbahn takes you up the highest mountain in Styria – in a panorama – gondola! The view is priceless and if you take the chance to go early in the morning you can escape the crowds.

Close to Schladming, the Styrian Lake Constance is worth a visit and the city itself offers beautiful architecture such as the Town Hall dating back to 1884 and the Salzburg Gate, a former defensive wall converted to a double – gate.


Food / Drinks you shouldn't miss out on:

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, there are a lot of delicious options to get a taste of Austrian cuisine. Styria is famous for its pumpkin – seed – oil & its variety of cheese. – Both, for sure, also make great souvenirs.

For all you beer – lovers out there, maybe you want to give the “Gösser” – brewery a chance, their beer is our fave and we never leave Austria without stocking up on it.



We love this tiny place and you might fall for it just as much!  

Safe travels!



Our recommendations:

  •   Accomodation: Pension Thorerhof - Lehen 1, 8967 Lehen, Haus im Ennstal
  •   Our favorite restaurant: (Mexican) Papa Joe’s - Hauptplatz 39 - 8970 Schladming
  •   Dachstein - Mountains (Gondola Tickets,..): www.derdachstein.at
  •   Further information: www.schladming.at
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